• Gerhard Bosman

Social media content - DIY or Professional

Updated: Mar 1

We have all become familiar with social media videos and how people are marketing their services and products in a variety of ways. The one thing that keeps catching my eye is how people seem to have completely disregarded the concept of how the quality of your marketing media, especially videography, directly relates to a potential customer's view of the quality of your product.

There is a common belief these days that because we can do anything now with our smartphones we should use them as the main marketing tool for our business. Especially startups have made the mistake of going this route because it's cheap and they feel that it is just as effective. I think there is a place for it but you should consider very carefully not to make it the predominant way potential clients get to know you. Take the time to consider getting professional video production done for your business and ensure that potential clients will get the right first impression of you and your business.

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